Why Health & Safety?

As a business, why choose Health & Safety?

Smart employers know that organisations are only as good as their people and that their people deserve a safe, healthy and productive working environment.

Employers recognise that they also have legal obligations to protect their staff.

Cath Caddick from Ozroks Health and Safety Services can show you how to be compliant whilst really

making health and safety work for you, your business and your staff.


Questions To Ask Yourself As An Employer:

Does the company have a Health and Safety Policy Statement if you have 5 or more employees?

Do you plan for health and safety?

What is being done about health and safety?

Do you have any written health and safety risk assessments in place?

Do you have written safe working practices or ‘rules’ in place?

Do staff receive an ‘Induction’ to the Company including health and safety?

Do staff receive suitable health and safety training and information?

Is there regular communication at levels within the Company on health and safety matters?

Do you check that your health and safety practices are actually working?

Do you check that practices are changed if they are not working?

Do you know where to find free health and safety information?

Do you know about Fees For Intervention – £124 per hour – costs from the HSE



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